Eva’s Underground Music Adventure – Hey Violet (Part #2)

Eva Kistler, Assistant Editor, Social Media Coordinator


The Playlist Will Grow, And So Will You


Hey Violet is a Los Angeles based pop-alt band consisting of Rena Lovelis (lead singer), Nia Lovelis (drums), and Casey Moreta (lead guitar), who have claimed their fame with their most recent album From the Outside in 2017. As of the spring of 2019, several singles and music videos have been released, revealing a new vibe they are striving for during this era. These recent releases are their first attempt at creating music as a trio after former members Miranda Miller (ex-keyboardist) and Ian Shipp (ex-bassist) left the band. Their first release of this year, “Better by Myself”, written primarily by Rena, can be interpreted as a celebration of being single and the escape from toxic relationships. This song can then be considered a precursor to their latest release “Clean”, which expresses the realization that a toxic partner is never necessary in one’s life- that to forget the pain that was gone through, one needs to clear their conscious of any trace of that person. Although the general feel of their music and aesthetic has changed since their last album, they have carried on themes found in their previous album such as the idea of negative romantic relationships and the impact it has on one’s self. However, with the new music, the problems faced in the first album are solved as a result of self-realization and empowerment. In the old album, From the Outside, the song “My Consequence”, refers to the blindness of “love” felt by one in a toxic relationship and that the outcome of that relationship is the fault of the person who believed in it so heavily. To show the consequence of the toxic relationship, the song “Break My Heart” describes the pain felt during a breakup and the anger felt toward the individual that manipulated the relationship and lied about their love. Their music carries the listener through the ups and downs of a relationship and the healing process needed to combat the pain felt after the eventual breakup. With the support given through their music, Hey Violet provides their audience with an outlet and relief from the distress in their personal life and the outside world.


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Website: https://www.heyviolet.com/

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