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Guided Meditations to Address Teen Stress

Colleen Joyce, Chief Editor

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As a Girl Scout, the highest award you may receive is a Gold Award, which is a community service project that addresses a problem. In order to receive said award, one must create a solution to the problem. a.     My project was designed to address the overwhelming amount of stress experienced by high school students on a daily basis. The project included the filming, editing, and overall creation of guided meditation videos. In creating this project, I hoped to give students an outlet for the stressors in their lives. The meditation videos are meant to serve the students, and give them healthy coping mechanisms, as well as teach them how to give themselves the opportunity to de-stress.

I firmly believe that the root cause of stress in students in their unawareness to how exactly they can cope with it. Students may not have much time to de-stress, or they are far too embarrassed to admit that they are in fact overwhelmed. By creating the guided meditation videos, students are now able to find time to meditate during free time both inside and outside of school. In addition, students will be able to find a coping mechanism that they do not necessarily have to be embarrassed by- they are simply watching a video!

How to use the videos:

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit.
    2. Allow yourself 1-3 minutes to be at peace.
    3. Listen carefully to the directions.
    4. Allow yourself to visualize the directions.
    5. Find yourself at relaxation!


To view the meditation videos, click the link here!

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Guided Meditations to Address Teen Stress