The Virtual School Experience in 7th Grade

This year has been such a roller-coaster and has changed many aspects of our lives. One thing that has changed dramatically is the way that we go to school; whether you are a virtual student or hybrid student, everything has changed. I asked  middle school students about how school has changed for them and what positive and downsides they see in school this year.

When you think of the pandemic you might think of everything that you have missed out on, but there are positives as well. Gabi Dellavolpe, (7th Grade), explained that, “I enjoy doing virtual school because I have more time in the afternoon to participate in activities while managing my homework.” She then goes on to say that her family was able to add a puppy to their family because of this time. This is one amazing positive that the pandemic has brought to our lives. I also asked Gabi about the downsides of virtual school and she responded. “I miss seeing all my friends and not receiving a full education.” This is hard for any student because we cannot socialize. I hope that we can all go back to school soon so that we can begin to socialize again.

While this year of virtual school had brought its benefits, it has brought changes as well. Bryce Nelson-Defalco (7th Grade), took the time to explain his personal benefits, saying, “From this experience I have learned really how much work teachers put in to try to give us a good education and help us succeed.” I think that everyone can agree with this statement because our teachers have been working hard to help us through this tough time. This does not mean that nothing has changed for Bryce and his work habits as he has noticed that he has not been able to manage his time as efficiently as he used to. Let’s all work to remember to thank our teachers for the amazing job that they have done!

As you are reflect on the past year and all of its changes, always think of the positives. There are always silver linings and you might even find yourself thinking about how you have changed. Everyone has been doing a great job this year so, let’s keep it up.