The Transition from Elementary School to Middle School


The transition from elementary school to middle school is a big leap and can be very stressful. To go from being in a small school with primarily one teacher to a larger combined high school and middle school is very difficult. Many students realize, however, that after the first few days it becomes easier, and that there is nothing to worry about. This was the case with the six 7th graders that I talked to. These students expressed that they were enjoying the change to middle school and, so far, have had a positive experience. Olivia Cook explained that she “was mostly excited for a new start.” However, Lauren Stewart said that she was nervous before school started. “I was scared that I would get lost and not be able to find my classes.” Another source of stress was lockers. Lockers are new in middle school and some incoming students do not know how to use a lock. Katelyn Levinson explained that being late to class was a source of worry for her mainly because of her locker. However, she goes on to explain that she was no longer worried about that because of a schedule she made. “I am not still nervous about being late because I wrote down a schedule, I memorized that schedule, and I plan on doing that schedule.” I think that this is a smart idea and a creative way to relieve some of your worries. Even though the first day was nerve-racking for almost everyone, or even a little exciting, many students are happy now in middle school.

I was scared that I would get lost and not be able to find my classes.

— Lauren Stewart

Another thing that changes in middle school is the constant switching between teachers and classes. In elementary school, some people might have switched for only a couple of classes throughout the day, but once you are in middle school, you will most likely switch for every class. A lot of students enjoy this change. When I talked to Trent Plattel about this, he explained that, “I can focus on that one period, then go to the next one.” Meanwhile, some people enjoy the switch between classes because of the social aspect. Daniel Cassella explains, “It allows you to see all of your friends during school.” Both answers are something that many students would agree with. The four minutes in between classes can provide your brain with a short break before you dive back into learning your next subject. Many 7th graders are noticing the key things that make middle school a different experience than past years in school. Lauren Stewart said that one of the biggest changes for her is the lack of recess. “​​I really miss recess because it was the only time we have a break from classes and being able to talk to our friends besides lunchtime.” I’m sure that everyone misses recess because it truly was a time to just socialize with no worries. However, Dani Dellavolpe enjoys the switch to middle school. “Even though I miss my old teachers, I do enjoy having many different teachers and classmates.” I think that a lot of people would agree with this because if you don’t have one of your friends in one class, then you might have them in another. Middle school is an important time because it can teach you a lot academically and also in many other ways as well.

The four minutes in between classes can provide your brain with a short break before you dive back into learning your next subject.

— Fiona Curran

No matter what your memories from middle school are or what your experiences were like, I’m sure that everyone can resonate with at least one of these 7th graders. Middle school is a difficult transition, but these 7th graders, and many more, are handling it very well. It is very hard to go into a new school where everyone is masked, but they are making the best of it and that is all anyone can ask for. Thank you to Olivia Cook, Lauren Stewart, Katelyn Levinson, Dani Dellavolpe, Daniel Cassella, and Trent Plattel for taking the time to answer my questions. Enjoy the rest of your school year!