Girls Basketball Challenges Cresskill


Natalie Parker, Staff Writer



The winter sports season began at the end of November and has been going strong ever since. The girls’ varsity basketball team’s season commenced with a game against one of their rivals, Cresskill. Although a loss, they played a good game and the score ended as 44-36.  This loss did not hold them down, however, as they continued on to win against Holy Angels. Today, they hold a record of 9-2. Additionally, they play Cresskill again and hope to get a win against them. Their roster consists of seniors: Shannon Burns, Sierra Halsband, Rebecca Tallaman, Lexi Vonderlieth, Kira Mitchell, juniors: Jenna Hill, Katie Tudisco, sophomores: Ella Madden, Shea Broderick, Ashleigh McManus, Kerry Perez, freshman: Christina Vitale, Neve Roche, Shaye Disanza, and Allison Schwartz. To gain a closer look at this team I interviewed sophomores, Shea Broderick and Ella Madden. Here’s what they had to say.


  1.     What is your biggest strength as a team?

Ella: Our biggest strength as a team is defense. This is because we have tall players on the blocks and small agile players on the elbows.


Shea: Our biggest strength as a team would probably be our defense, the defense we play is what wins us the games.


  1.     What is the biggest thing your team has to work on?

Ella: I think the biggest thing our team has to work on is passing the ball. Sometimes getting points is more important to players than passing.


Shea: The biggest thing we need to work on would probably be finishing easy shots, sometimes we think too much and don’t just shoot.


  1.     Who will be your hardest opponent and why?

Ella: Our hardest opponent will be Cresskill because they have a really good team and a stand out player. We have also never beat them in my two years playing.


Shea: Cresskill will be our hardest opponent, they are beatable, we just need to make sure we don’t get in our heads and play how we know.


  1.     How far do you think the team will advance this season?

Ella: I think we have the skills and potential to go all the way this year if we keep working as hard as we have been and keep being persistent.


Shea: I think we will go very far this season, we have a very good team, and our record and performance as of now only shows good things.

Come out and support the team against Cresskill on Friday, January 24th, home at 4:00 P.M.